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Process Machines

Process technology developed by L.B. Bohle

All from a single source

As an expert for special machines, L.B. Bohle develops and implements high-quality systems for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products: from the single machine through to the complete production line. Our success is based on the expansion of our technological leadership in process engineering for granulation and coating. The technological leadership in both core segments secures our growth, profitability and workplaces as well as ensuring our long-term presence on the market.

Bohle experts combine long-term experience in production process with state-of-the-art control techniques. L.B. Bohle offers its customers tailored solutions – all from the same source.

More than 35 patents worldwide

Based on comprehensive development work, L.B. Bohle holds over 35 patents worldwide. The company combines its strategy with a comprehensive orientation vis-à-vis quality. A continuous focus on customers, employees, technologies and processes ensures constant quality improvements. L.B. is certified according to international DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our product range comprises machines and systems for processing steps.

Reliable, fast and state-of-the-art: BOHLE service

 Services: Staff training, Customer trials for support in PQ, Re-qualification in modifying already qualified systems, Machine maintenance, System calibration, Change Control, Vibrator discharge aids testing of discharge trials

Precision from the start

Bohle weighing- and dispensing systems are modular and economic solutions, designed to dispense … amounts of pharmaceutical powders.

BRC 100 Dry Granulator

Insiders quickly recognise machines from L. B. Bohle: easy handling, continuous production and small footprint are the typical features of the products. With the BRC 100, a drying granulator is set to celebrate its world premiere at ACHEMA 2012.

VMA – Single pot granulator for pharmaceutical applications

The VMA single pot granulator is a granulating and drying system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications. The impeller, with its high shear and compression, ensures effective granulation. The chopper prevents excessive granulate growth and distributes the granulating liquid within the product.

High Shear Granulator

The High Shear Granulator GMA is designed for through-the-wall installation. The container is connected to the system head via electrically driven lifting cylinders and can be lowered for inspection, for example. The granulation system GMA is 12 bar shock pressure resistant.

Compact granulation system

Small footprint, flexible application and smooth production processes are decisive criteria for investment in the pharmaceutical granulation system. In this respect, L.B. sets standards with its compact units.

Bohle Fluid Bed System BFS

The Fluid Bed System BFS is a granulation and drying system specifically optimized for pharmaceutical applications. It features a broad range of extension options for Bottom Tangential Spray Granulation as well as Bottom Tangential Spray Coating. All production systems are 12 bar shock pressure resistant.

Bohle Turbo Sieve BTS

Thanks to the fast rotor and patented impeller, the Bohle Turbo Sieve ensures efficient operation. Significant features include vertical arrangement with conical hole or friction sieve, angled drive in the rotor for direct power transmission and high throughputs.

Bohle Turbo Mill BTM

Even for most complicated products, the user-friendly, modular and compact cGMP design of the Turbo Mill BTM ensures excellent throughput capacities. Important features: easy transport on a mobile undercarriage as well as height adjustability.

Blending systems

The high efficiency of the Bohle blending systems is based on the revolutionary and patented counter-current process principle. There are numerous benefits: Effective blending volume of 20-85% of the rated volume. This blending system enables very slow rotating blend speeds – ensuring uniform, gentle blending.

KOCO® – The first semi-continuous coater

In 2011, L.B. Bohle has launched the first semi-continuous coater. The process was optimized by using modified drums, more nozzles and increased drying air to allow quick and high-quality reproduction of all coating applications using the Bohle KOCO®.

Bohle Film Coater BFC

The Bohle Film Coater BFC is the high-end version of the Bohle Coater. In addition to the aforementioned benefits there are further process-technical features: Air-tight coater housing, automatic,  recipe-controlled nozzle adjustment…

Bohle Film Coater BFC 5 – Stand-alone unit

The Bohle Film Coater BFC 5 is a stand-alone unit. The entire air technique as well as electrical and control technique is integrated in the system. Multipanel visualization with touch panel, operator unit is attached to Coater. An electrical connection and a compressed air connection are required for operation.

Bohle Film Coater BFC TriPan

TriPan is a Bohle Film Coater with all BFC advantages. However, suspension supply is via a single pump head.TriPan can be operated with three pans for batch sizes of 7 to 75 liters.

Bohle Tablet Coater

The Bohle Tablet Coater BTC is the most economical alternative for all common coating applications. The BTC is characterized by process-technical advantages and simple design for through-the-wall installation.

Lifting Columns HS

Handling advantages of the Bohle Lifting Columns HS:

  • Precise postioning of containers, e.g. over a tablet press
  • Space-saving with slim design
  • Automatic drum clamping device optional
  • Simple operation
  • Optimal cleaning due to smooth surfaces